Thursday, January 14, 2016

Make Sure Your Napkins are Well-pressed After Each Laundering

These are a hostess gift for a friend that will be unnamed (she may read this blog...).   Not original in thought, but they were fun to do.  I bought some plain napkins from World Market and embroidered them with Mom-isms.  The napkins were their everyday napkins, and I am not too in love with the quality, but they will be okay.  I think if I were to do these again, I may want to buy some nice linen-cotton and make my own.  Another thought would be to design these and have them printed on the Spoonflower linen-cotton.  Cute art could be added.   Upload file, print, cut apart and hem edges.  The Spoonflower linen-cotton doesn't wrinkle too badly when washed.  These napkins will definitely have to be pressed after each laundering.  Maybe I better also bring along a bottle of wine to soften this news.  Jerilynn


  1. Brilliant!

    Hmmm... the voice I am hearing from my childhood is "elbows off the table".

    Better take white wine, or your hostess will have even more laundry issues.

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