Saturday, January 9, 2016

Family Members Not Feeling Too Well

We've been gone a few days watching Addy, our youngest granddaughter.  She had her tonsils out last Monday, and her parents had to go back to work on Wednesday.  She clearly didn't feel very good at all, but was a very good patient.  On the way back home we stopped at the nursing home to visit my parents.  My dad was in the hospital a couple of days and the diagnosis isn't too good.  His heart is finally getting ready to call it quits.  He was in good spirits today, though.  I managed, also, to get a picture of him with the afghan I made him for Christmas.  It is made from Dishie yarn from Knitpicks and is their Hue Afghan pattern with smaller squares and made a bit longer.  He seems to love it.  The cotton Dishie yarn makes is a good weight and is very washable.  During Addy's naptime, I designed a table runner around a couple of the Christmas Tree blocks.  The quilt and the runner are being considered for a magazine and maybe a kit.  I will keep you posted! Jerilynn


  1. Love to CN. Will keep him (and you) in our prayers. P.S. He sure looks cozy under that quilt!

  2. He does look oh so cozy. Thinking of you...... Xxoo Mary

  3. Being wrapped in soft, rainbow-colored love surely must help whatever ails anyone. Best wishes to all. -NDL