Sunday, January 10, 2016

Knervously Knitting the Day Away

I'm doing some Knervous Knitting.  I decided to make an afghan with the same colors that I made the plaid dishcloth.  To add squares as I go, I am using the same technique I used with the Hue Afghan, casting on 31 stitches and on every other row I do a center decrease of two stitches.  This eventually leaves one stitch on the needle which can be the start of a new square.  You pick up stitches from a previously knit square and cast on more stitches, or you pick up stitches from two squares depending on where you are in the sequence.  It sounds confusing, but is very simple.  I slip the first stitch in each row purl-wise, to make it very easy to pick up stitches. It is soothing and mindless at the same time.  A great knit pattern to do whilst watching tv or in the car.  The colors in this shot are not too true to color...I am using just three colors - red, burgundy and black.  I am knitting the rows in such a manner that the center decreases will create a secondary zig-zag pattern.  On a very cold, but sunny day like today, I would love to just sit and Knervously Knit the day away, but various chores are calling....well, maybe just one more square.  I am on a red one.  My favorite! Jerilynn

1 comment:

  1. Knext time I see you could you teach me how to knervously knit these squares please? I have lots of knervous energy to fuel a project like this. Maybe dozens of them. Thanks!