Saturday, December 26, 2015

Simple Tree Quilt

Merry Christmas!  I've discovered that I miss having a record of what I've made over the year.  I am making things all the time - some turn out - some ideas are pretty bad.  Nevertheless, it is good to record all efforts.  I will start out by showing a tree quilt I designed this morning, mostly to avoid after-Christmas-clean-up.  We had four family celebrations this year.  Not all of our six kids could be together at the same time.  One family couldn't make the trip at all.  So, we partied with whomever showed up, gifts were exchange, too much food was consumed.  I am in somewhat of a coma today, happy to have an empty house still echoing with family.  Thus, the quilt idea.  I used my Bernina V7 software to design it as an embroidery, then turned it into a vector image.  Love that aspect of the software.  Using a grid, I made each tree block 12".  Overall, this little quilt will be 66" x 66".  Any smaller, the little green strips would be hard for me to piece.  I like the Scandinavian look of the trees and the assorted rainbow tree toppers.  I may feel too guilty to start the cutting and sewing.  But, there is always tomorrow to do the real work.  Jerilynn

 P.S.  I lost my dear mother-in-law Alice this year.  She was a quilter, too.  In fact, I believe I helped her do her first quilt after she retired.  She went on to be quite the prolific quilter.  Her favorite types of quilts were tree quilts.  Her last quilt, not quite finished before her stroke and quick passing, was of trees.  16 big trees representing her children and spouses, and 24 little trees, representing her grandchildren.  Even though I am no longer married to her son, we always remained very, very close.  She was Swedish, and I know she would have loved this simple design. 


  1. OK, me first. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see it for real.

    1. Thank you!!! It was a fun work avoidance project. I already pieced one block. My original math worked out. Now to write the instructions.....

  2. Whoo hoo! Can't believe that this time when I crossed my fingers and clicked on my Jerisew bookmark you are here!

    Love the trees and know that even though you haven't been showing us, you create multiple "somethings" everyday. Please get us up to speed with some photos of 2015 projects.
    Oh, and once you figure out the instructions for this fun quilt could you adapt them to a Christmas tree skirt pattern please? Thanks!

    Happy new sewing year! NDL

  3. Where can I get this pattern?