Monday, September 23, 2013

Name Coasters

Remember the snowflake name coasters I  made last Christmas?  I though I would come up with another name idea for this year.  I made the snowflake by digitizing a name (Lori in the snowflake picture), mirror-imaging it and wreathing it 6 times in a snowflake pattern.   Hmmm, what else could I make by wreathing a name.....duh!  A wreath!  I added some hot-fix crystals just for a bit of holiday sparkle.  Any week now Bernina Embroidery Software Version 7 is coming out.  I can easily say that I am just more than a little excited about learning all the new stuff it can do.  I hope the wreathing tool is still there.  I  need to make a bunch of name wreaths.  Jerilynn  P.S.  Can you tell what the two names are in the new coasters?


  1. Don't topple that drink on those crystals!

  2. Only my most careful and neat friends will get to use these coasters...white AND crystals! Oh, boy. They are pretty flat, however, and are a bit sunk into the felt.