Thursday, September 19, 2013

Going in Circles

Circular embroidery attachments for sewing machines are so much fun.  Pfaff has one for their  machines now and it is very sturdy and easy to use.  I also have an attachment for my Bernina and my Brother.  I guess you could say I really like using them - and each machine has their own unique stitches, so I have been having a great time thinking of new projects to make with them.  I came up with a good idea!  I thought it would be fun to try to put in a zipper with the circular attachment and make a half-circle bag.  The idea worked great!  I  made a jewelry pouch, a sewing kit pouch, and a smaller pouch to stick in a bag for money, etc.  They are lined and have an inner layer of Soft and Stable for padding.  I will probably write a pattern for this technique.  I will keep you posted when this is done.  In the meantime, I am preparing for the Sew Club lecture at Sew Complete in October. Of course I have too many projects I want to finish and too little time.  Some days I feel as if I am just going in circles.  Jerilynn


  1. Thanks for the compliments. I think they are fun, too! I have all sorts of circle ideas to turn into bags.