Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tackle Box Catch-All

We do not have a junk drawer in our small kitchen. There is a drawer in one of Carl's tool cabinets that has an interesting assortment of "stuff" leftover for the junk drawer at our condo. I am sure he would be delighted if I would sort/toss/discover the contents. Feeling very noble about the lack of said drawer in the kitchen, I spied the file basket at the end of the counter that we use for pens, paper, chargers, sunglasses, flashlight....hmmm...we HAVE a junk drawer and it is right there - in plain sight all along! In the meantime, I bought a vintage green tackle box to put in the niche under our tv to hold coasters and playing cards. Unfortunately it was about 1/16" too tall. It was just patiently waiting for a good idea. I dumped out the contents of the basket file, and wish I had taken a picture of what was in there. Just like a junk drawer, it had a puzzling amount of odds and ends. Even if I had ever needed any of it, I wouldn't have known to look for it there! I also have the inability to throw away pens or pencils, even if they don't write well. So, the spot to grab a pen to write a quick note had about 50 to choose from. Armed with the desire to utilize the tackle box, I whittled down the pens to a few favorites (wow, it was hard to toss the remaining writing utensils. Aren't they still good for something?) a small stack of cut scrap paper, two phone chargers... You get the picture. There is even built-in measuring on the tackle box lid for quick sizing. It is cute, efficient, and the lid can close. Check back with me in 6 months to see what curiosities accumulate within. Jerilynn

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