Sunday, August 4, 2013

Easy Ironing Board Cover

I love Ikea, but as we all know, their products are not USA standard-sized.  Part of the appeal, I guess, but don't get Carl started on trying to fit a USA faucet on an Ikea vanity top...Anyway, a second ironing board in my studio is one I got at Ikea, with a cute cover - top photo.  At least it was cute when new. Lately, it has been looking a bit weary.  I decided to wash it, thinking that would bring it back to life, but it still looked pretty stained.  Because the ironing board is an odd size, I can't just bop into Walmart and get a new cover.  Plus, who designs those covers, anyway?  Pinterest to the rescue.  Last night I saw a pin that was pinned from  It truly was super fast to make!  I re-used the gathering string from the original cover, so I didn't even have to find any elastic.  The hardest part was finding a big enough piece of fabric that was cute.  The fabric I found is just perfect.  I had bought it a while back on Etsy, and I think it is Swedish (I know, the words are English).  It seems to be a cotton/linen blend and is a very sweet-looking cover, at least for a while.  I think it is so fitting that the new cover for my Ikea ironing board is some fabric from Sweden.  I am pleased with my new cover, I am pleased that I used another idea that I pinned, and I am happy  that this cute fabric is no longer folded up in a drawer.  Jerilynn 

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