Thursday, August 1, 2013


August?  Well, we DID have our one week of summer in July.  And, even though the weather has been a bit chilly, we live on a lake, and it is summer, so the Hotel has been busy!  We do love having friends and family.  Lots of eating, drinking, laughing...not much time for blogging!  Last week I had a few friends from my Bernina V6 software group up for a few days of sewing.  I had a list of things that needed to get done, but I decided to make a quilt for one of the beds in the Blue Room and finish quilting a little wall quilt I started a few years ago.  The quilt was inspired by one I pinned to my Pinterest Sewing board and can be found here at .  I am still inspired by Malka Dubrawsky's big block quilts, so I made these cross blocks 12".  I think the next quilt I make I will aim for even bigger sized blocks.  This went together fairly quickly, and I simply quilted it with a slight zig-zag stitch using a walking foot.  The wall quilt I free-motioned with a flower motif and outline quilting around the shapes.  Two reasons I am pleased:  one, I finished an unfinished project; two, I actually used something on my Pinterest board that I had pinned as an inspiration!  While looking through my Pinterest pins, I discovered all sorts of fun ideas to get me going.  Now, more than ever, sewing and creating offers me the escape from the realities of personal and family health scares and the numerous crises of children and grandchildren.  Corners  match up, steam irons flatten seams, bright colors sing. All is well.  Jerilynn 

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  1. How wonderful to finish an unfinished project! Your post inspired me to get going on some postponed tasks.