Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twighlight Time Zone

I am trying to make the instructions for Modern America a bit easier to follow, but this pattern will remain a challenging one.  I sew as I write, making sure that what I thought would work in my head will really work at the sewing machine.  This time I used small prints, checks, dots and stripes.  I am at the point where I need to applique this map on a background, but I don't have a big enough piece of something that would look good.  According to my new buying rules, I could go purchase something.  But, I had an idea:  what if I pieced a background with four different fabrics and aligned the seams with where the different time zones would be?  When we travel, I not only get excited about crossing state lines, but also love it when we cross a time zone "line".  How can that be?  Just a second ago it was an hour ago.  Time flies.  I think Carl may be getting a bit nervous about this whole project.  Last evening, while sipping an Old Fashioned (on the patio!!:), I commented that I should do a world map next!  Or, maybe not.  Jerilynn P.S.  For any Old Fashioned fans out there, the pre-mixed Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet from Arty's (made in Appleton) is downright delish...fancy bar quality, in fact. 


  1. Sorry, I got diverted from the interesting quilt pattern conundrum by the mention of a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet....

  2. I like the prints. Time zone for backing sounds good -- OR -- could use different colors of blue for the different water borders, and green for the land borders.