Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Drink Coffee for the World's Protection

Excuse the dreary photo...surprise!  It is a dreary day!  Still a wintry mix this morning.  Now it is just raining and trying to get warmer outside.  Nothing to do but drink coffee and make a tator tot casserole.  I have been reduced to throwing tator rounds together with ground beef and broccoli and calling it dinner.  It is the best I can do today.  I thought I would show you a picture of something Carl made.  In the cupboard right above the Keurig (a gift from Patrick and Sarah and I love it!) is the stash of K-cups and mugs.  Some of the mugs are pretty cute and colorful, and some of the red ones, also gifts, shouldn't be hiding behind closed doors!  I love our cupboards, knotty alderwood, but with the walls all being natural knotty pine, and the counters black, the kitchen needs a little (a lot) of color.  I have been debating different backsplash choices, but none have bubbled to the top as being the right choice.  In the meantime, I am trying to add interest with pictures and assorted red things.  The little cup shelf is an idea I had to get some of the cute mugs out in the open without cluttering up the counter, a pet peeve.  The red would also serve to add some sparkle.  Carl zipped out his saw, some scrap wood, and the perfect little corner shelf was the result.  The sign?  Not red, but true.  Very true. Especially today. Jerilynn

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