Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Should Have Been a Giraffe

It is snowing outside and there are whitecaps on the lake.  At least the ice is gone, but any idea about getting our dock in today has been put on hold.  Wind gusts, wind chill numbers.  Not my idea of a fun Saturday.  In the forecast, we show an 80+ degree day on Tuesday.  That is about 50 degrees warmer than today.  Crazy and heartbreaking.  Carl helped me hang a few more hooks in our closet and I organized some of my jewels.  There is no window in the closet, so the shot is pretty bad, but at least I didn't have to see the snow fly around.  I have a feeling that I have A LOT of pretty necklaces and bracelets.  I would say the majority are handcrafted by yours truly, but, still, it is embarrassing. I think it was Albert Einstein that had a great answer to the question, "Why do you only have one tie?"  "Because I only have one neck."  I have an over-abundance of chins, but only one neck.  Maybe I should consider a de-stash?  Jerilynn


  1. Leave it all there, as an art piece. That'd be justification enough, in my book. Unless, that is, you're planning on new additions and feel guilty about the current accumulation. P.S. The old expression "you're singing to the choir" comes to mind ;>)

  2. NONSENSE!!! it IS an art piece, a satisfying sensory display, with color, texture, and joy in the creation for all to see. At least that's how it feel to me!!Can't wait to see it in person.