Monday, April 15, 2013

News Flash - Retail Stores Will Be Closing Soon!

My blog seems to be protecting me! Yesterday I wrote a long blog about how I was giving up shopping. I explained what I was giving up buying, why I was doing it, and what my "rules" are for myself. I hit "publish" and then .... Nothing! It was as if my blog was preventing me from telling the world about my plan, just in case I want to realize the foolishness of it all and start shopping! Sort of like not telling people you are on a diet so that when you order dessert after a huge meal they don't look at you funny. Soooo, I will try again to let you in on what I am doing, or, in this case, not doing. When I got back from Florida, I was struck with all the wonderful fabrics, beads, yarn, clothes, home decs, and art supplies I had. My studio is huge, but is getting pretty full. This isn't ho-hum stuff at all! It is really fun, imaginative, can't-wait-to-use it stuff. I have great books full of inspiration, and dozens of good Pinterest ideas. I decided to stop buying any more new things for a year, giving me time to discover all the treasures I have, and spend shopping time being creative. It is not the budget, although, it will be interesting to see what this will do to the monthly charge card total. I will allow myself to purchase things I need to finish a project - lining, batting, zipper, etc. Or replace supplies - paper, ink, threads. Just no new projects, fabric bunches, or supplies for a new craft technique. Clothes? I have a bunch of cute things. A loss of some pounds will make my old stuff look a lot better! Home decs? I can analyze what attracts me to something. The lines, the colors...then use what I have to make my own version. This is about a week old, and I already have seen a new fabric collection that is out that I would have swooped up in a heartbeat...I guess I will just pin it to Pinterest and pretend it is in my stash. I will try to duplicate the colors with what I have. Stay tuned! Jerilynn

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  1. Are you feeling OK?

  2. Remember that time back in the '80s that a carful of shoppers from CF single-handedly (collectively) stimulated the economy? Record-breaking day on Wall St. as I recall.

    We will let your well-meaning plan proceed, but if the country needs must answer the call and do your duty. Keep one eye on the ticker as you wade through your stash.

    Good luck.

  3. What a wonderful idea, Jeri! I, too, have huge stashes of supplies but find myself always attracted to the new and shiny stuff in stores. I once went one week without buying anything (using what was already in the pantry and studio, walking instead of filling the gas tank, using the library more often) and I struggled. I laud you in your Stop Shopping effort. How creative can we become at this?