Friday, April 19, 2013

Bluer than Blue

We are home again and finally got to do some needed cleaning.  I took down a wintery quilt in one of the spare bedrooms and put away a snowman pillow that was in the family room.  Do you think that is what has been causing this horrible, wintry weather?  If so, I am truly sorry.  When I came to the "Blue Room", I decided the bed arrangement was  not ideal and came up with the set-up in the picture above.  Now each person sharing this room will have a light to read by, and nightstand access.  On the to-do list is painting the little night table that Carl made, and maybe the taken-apart bunk beds.  I need to make bigger quilts for the beds. The throws add some color and pattern, but aren't really big enough to cuddle under.  In the photo, the little pictures over the beds look a bit dinky.  Bigger artwork is on the other three walls.  I may have to re-think some placement.  Today's job is to tackle the studio.  I am hoping that once it is a bit more organized I can find some creative energy.  I fear the new 5 inches of fresh snow with an ice base has me in a funk.  Bluer than the newly changed guestroom.  Jerilynn

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  1. I always have to remind myself that decorating is an evolving process; enjoying the eternal journey is part of that process. Photos can really illustrate what a space is lacking in proportion and scale. A few more tweaks, and you'll be there! Love the colorful quilts, especially the chevron one on the left bed.