Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easy to Say, Harder to Do

I'm trying to relax...stressful stuff happening with my folks, and, one weather model predicted 18 to 24" of snow the next couple of days!!! I just can't believe it!  At least we got to set outside on the patio a few evenings for happy hour.  If we get that much snow, we will have to have that drink inside, probably a double!  The picture above is the one I made for our bathroom.  We took down the dark curtains at the window and installed a pleated white shade that lowers from the bottom or the top.  Good for light and some privacy.  I also made a new shower curtain from some fabric I ordered from Spoonflower (before I  made the no-new-fabric decision, whew!).   I will take a shot of the improvements during the day so you can see how much brighter the bathroom feels.  Jerilynn

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