Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still Getting Educated!

Yesterday was my first day at the School of Threadology in St. George, Utah. Loved the information so far. The morning was spend learning about - are you sitting down - thread! I imagine that some people would have found all the information a bit too much, but I drank in every moment. I always have been a thread fan, and these facts were very informative and interesting. We had a chance (or three) to tour and shop out of the thread warehouse. I am not sure what I will be taking home with me yet - I have to figure out which type of thread I would use the most. Right now there is a silk thread they just developed that looks interesting. I was told that it was too thin for machine embroidery, but I am thinking that two strands through the needle might be just right...The afternoon was spend making a bag with a texture-making material. We made a bag and the teacher was Annie from Patterns by Annie. She is darling and a very good teacher. Her instructions and pattern were very easy to follow. Loved her trunk show of other things she has made with textured fabric. In the past this textures stuff (Texture Magic by Superior Threads) seemed too gimicky, but now I can see lots of uses. A Big Bottom Bonnie Bag might be fun with this material! Today, more classes. A local quilt shop visit might be in order, too. :) Okay, since I don't have a picture of what I created yesterday, I will post a picture of the Big Bottom Bonnie Bag. Just imagine it in a textured material.
As you may know, we are hoping to add on to our cabin this year - we were hoping to get a call from the bank to hear about financing, but no messages yesterday while I was in class. I did, however, get a message from my daughter...she is making her first quilt (YAY!) and had a couple of questions about the cutting. I think she also would love this three day school, but there must be a reason that most of the students here are old, like me....JOBS. Oh, that's right. I am constantly amazed, however, at the talent and style and creativity of women I meet at these seminars/classes. I guess things really do keep getting better with age!

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