Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PhD in Threadology !!

Day Three at the School of Threadology was fabulous! Gush, gush. Seriously, what a great experience this has been. I learned so much, not only from the wonderful teachers, but from the other students. One lady, Cath, is a Pfaff educator and had a ton of Creative Vision hints that she shared with me. She also has a EQ7 club on her website, so as soon as I find her card I will let you know her address and you can go visit her site. I sold a few of my patterns to other students, and a newish store from Nebraska gave me an order for some to fill when I get home. I will also check to see if they have a website you can visit. Two sister, Marchia and Deanice. They were having so much fun, enjoying each other and all the information. I hope their quilt shop is a huge success. I think the name is I (heart - imagine a cute heart shape here) Quilts. I will find out for sure. This afternoon we played with some new stuff that Patterns by Annie is carrying. It is a fabric covered foam type stuff that is great for handbags and other items that needs some padding and some stability. We made a quick notebook cover that we could stitch all over using the fun Superior Threads. Of course, I still don't have a camera, so that picture will have to come later. We were also shown a good applique method with their fusible thread. A student demonstrated a binding method by a lady at Quilter's Touch. I must hop over to her site to check out her book on it. It uses yarn and wash-a-way thread and a edge stitch foot. Very cool. At the end of the day we had "graduation" and my name was called first! Maybe that means I am the Valedectorian! (Or maybe they knew that Carl was waiting for me). Anyway, I got a wonderful certificate, name spelled correctly (thank you to the fabulous Ricci!) I am now prepared to tell the world about threads and needles! Oh, funny thing this morning at the hotel in St. George, Utah. When I went to get breakfast the room was PACKED with people wearing nametags! I glanced at one and it said "Homespun Tours"....from CHIPPEWA FALLS! What a small world. Okay, another non-thread class related picture today. This is the bag version of the Penny Rug Tablerunner. No pattern for it yet, but I probably should work on one. Thanks for stopping by! Jerilynn

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  1. Dear Dr. Jeri -
    Certificate or not, you've been blessed with valedictorian-worthy credentials for years! I'm sure the other attendees were abuzz about your talents as well. Can't wait to have you post some of those web sites and see pictures of some of your other creations.