Sunday, September 26, 2010

September is my Month-O-Education! Classes at the Madison, WI, Quilt Expo; Bernina Software Extravaganza in Naperville, IL; and now three days at the School of Threadology in St. George, UT. I should be really full of knowledge as I welcome in October (btw, my favorite month). I have been busy making patterns and have sent them off to see if they could be picked up by a national pattern group. Printing them off on the ink-hungry Canon and having DH fold and stuff bags could get old. So far I have taught the Folkart Clothesline Tote and the Big Bottom Bonnie Bag and the students loved them! Lots of ideas bouncing around the head, October will be fun to get some fun items created! Here is a picture of the Clothesline Tote. It is created using a new way that I thought up - very fast and the stitching is very neat-looking. I have a couple of other clothesline and fabric ideas... stay tuned. jerilynn

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