Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cutting Help

Hmmm, somehow a post I thought I posted is lost. Did The Cloud take it somewhere? What IS exactly the Cloud. Do we really want to know? Anyway, the post started with a question : who do you think is helping me with Patchwork America? Look at the neatly piled and labeled stacked of 2" squares, both with the color number and state initial. Yep! Carl! I gave him a quick rotary cutting lesson, using the ruler markings as a guide. That is the way I rotary cut. Soon, however, he switched to using the markings on the mat, and the ruler as a straight edged cutting tool. Is that his in inner carpenter showing through? Who knows. But, I can say, his squares are very well cut. No surprise here, at all. Jerilynn
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1 comment:

  1. Go Carl! Maybe you can come out here and cut 2.5 inch squares for me?