Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Joy is in the Journey

I wish I could remember the name of the author, or the name of the book I read a few years ago.  It was about the life of the Amish. One passage that really resonated with me was how they slowly and purposely enjoy and work at each task, as if it were the most important job that day.  They didn't rush through the chores looking ahead to the end of the day.  The chores were their day, and they were accomplished with grace and gratitude.  I think of that now and then as I am trying to get something done.  I am not really paying much attention to what I am doing - I am thinking about the end result. 
As I read some year-end blog posts, I find that some writers reflect upon a word or phrase that will be their inspiration point for the New Year.  One blogger, again, I am being very bad about sources here, said that a necklace from Origami Owl was the start of her word for 2014: Joy.  The necklace tag says:
Oh, my goodness!  There is that sentiment again.  I started to look around my still-decorated-for-Christmas-house-that-needed-to-be-undecorated-for-Christmas and stopped.  I took a breath and looked around at the red and the sparkle and the cheer and realized that it was still fun to take in.  It can stay festive a bit longer.

 I also spied some other things:
This sign is over the desk area in the studio.  Notice the "twinkle lights" (as I called them - they don't flash, they just light up and make me smile) - Carl painstakingly installed cup hooks around the entire room, vaults and all, and hung up lights for me. They will stay up year round.

This ceramic sign hangs in our bedroom, and I need to look at it a bit more often.  How many oh-no's! in life opened the way to many wonderful things? 

Then, I spied some coffee cups in the kitchen:
I collected those letter cups, inspired by the find of the vintage "J" cup on Etsy.  I realized that I had a word and a phrase all along that I should take to heart in 2014.  Life isn't going to start when I lose 10 (20, 30?) pounds.  I won't be all that more creative when I clean and organize my storage closet.  Lake beauty doesn't start when the lake thaws and the trees get their leaves again.  My extra padding is perfect for soothing a baby.  I find that I am at my most productive when things are a bit messy.  The scenery out my window right now is breathtaking...a scene right out of Doctor Zhivago.  The Joy is in the Journey.  What a trip it is!   Jerilynn


  1. I wonder if you are thinking of a book by Sue Bender.Plain and Simple: A woman's journey to the Amish.I read it too.Rae Parkin.

    1. I think that could be the book! It was many moons ago, another life ago, almost, that I read it! I may just try to find a copy at the library and read it again. It would be interesting to see what my perspective is now as a retired person vs a busy mom. Thanks for taking the time to respond! Jerilynn

    2. You are welcome! Happy New Year Jerrilynn.