Sunday, October 14, 2012

Too Good to Use

We got home from our loooong car ride only to jump back in the car to play with our youngest granddaughter for a few days in Madison, WI.  What a cutie!  We came back Thursday and I slept for 14 hours!  The very next night I slept for 12.  I think I was a bit tired.  Yesterday, though, I woke up with a sore throat, which is maybe why my energy level is on empty.  I hope I didn't pass anything on to anyone, but this time of year, colds are everywhere!  I have so many ideas to try out and my house really needs a good going-over, but the aforementioned energy level says "not today".  I decided to pull out some special beads that I had ordered a while back.  The first beads are from Loupiac's shop on etsy.   I have ordered several of her bead sets over the years and have always loved her craftsmanship and her color sense.  The stripe set called out to me to be an autumn bracelet.  Stringing beads on stretchy cord is about what I can handle today.  As I was going through the bead box, I also found the Rainbow Hanna's from Z-Beads.  Beautiful, no?  I had saved these sets until a time that I could come up with some very creative idea, using only a few of the beads in each creation.  They are pretty pricey sets, and I thought I should "save" them for something very special.  I would occasionally take them out of their boxes and marvel at the colors and perfection.  Especially after my daughter treated me to a glass bead making class for Mother's Day, I realized the utter difficulty of making even ONE pretty bead, let alone a whole set!  Today I realized that I was missing out by not using/wearing these beads.  What was I waiting for?  Beads can always be re-used into another item at any time!  How many other fantastic things do I have that are "too good" to use?  Time is going fast.  The leaves are making their final windy dance. Don't wait for the right day, the best idea.   I feel just good enough to make a nice baked pork chop dinner with twice baked potatoes.  Wearing a new bracelet, of course.  Jerilynn

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